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A low tech virtual reality experience 

We experience the world through our senses. We are being touched, sounds enters our hearing zone, smell molecules are carried in the air and find their way into our nose and odour receptors. All these ‘entries’ of the outer world are analysed in our brains. Quickly, efficiently, our brain creates an interpretation and chooses a reaction. 

But what makes a collection of physical sensations and electrical signals into an experience, an emotion, a story, a memory?
Are there universal emotions that are elicited by certain conditions? Can an experience be created artificially as an art piece? 

What do your senses remember from an event? From your first kiss for example?
A breath of air on your neck, the smell of beer and chewing gum, a piece of music, your own heartbeats exploding in your chest? 

Conception: Inbal Yomtovian

Création sonore : Marc Fragstein

Regard extérieur : Marjory Gesbert

How does it work? 

A single person is invited to enter a room, cover their eyes, put headphones on and get inside a moment.
Physically. Real feelings.
A mixture of sounds and physical manipulations will then be performed on the sole spectator . He or she will be touched, exposed to smells, movements, objects and changes of temperatures that together compose a ‘real’ moment. 

The experience lasts 7 minutes. 

The sense of sight, sense of smell 

We chose to create an experience that isn’t based on the sense of sight. Without seeing, we experience a sense of loss of control.
With the reinforcement of the other senses compensating for the loss of vision one can experience the world from a complex sensorial, multi dimensional perspective. 

The sense of smell however, takes an important part in the building
of the scene.
Smells tell us stories. They activate our cognition differently than texts or images. 

The Kiss premiered 30.08.19 in the ‘Lambe Lambe’ festival in westflügel theatre, Leipzig Germany.


18-19/01/20 Filmwinter festival, Stuttgart

11-13/11/21 Theatre der dinge festival, Berlin 

13/05/22 Entre-Pont, Nice

09-10/06/2022 Figure it out! Westfügel theatre, Leipzig 

23-25/06/2022 Figura festival, Baden

12-21/05/2023 International Figuren theatre festival, Erlangen, Fürth, Schwabach

15/08/2023 International puppets theatre festival, Jerusalem

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