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How did I become who I am, who are the others and how can this be combined? Four artists of different disciplines come together to talk. Based on personal memories, family stories and dreams, they illuminate moments that are common to us all, but also moments that separate us. Figurative and object theater, movement and narrative are accompanied and broken through by music and brought together by song. A theater evening that takes up time and space, connects the big bang and black holes of personal and collective history and encounters the now.


DUST is the first collaboration between the duo Golden Delicious and Wilde & Vogel [Leipzig]. The puppet theater Wilde & Vogel consists of the musician Charlotte Wilde and the figure builder and player Michael Vogel, who have shaped the international puppet theater landscape for more than 25 years. The result of this meeting is a collection of motifs, songs, personal stories, figures and objects that have been condensed into a production that captures the moment of encounter and transmits it into an intimately-fragile interplay. The pice explores the 'act of storytelling' and links the diversity of it's varieties between solitary solo and polyphonic ambiguity.


"I've called mother last week to announce her she wants to appear in the new piece 'Dust' we are creating in Leipzig.

It's frightening to create Involving family stories. Further More, When the stories are not just my own family, not just Ari's , but also of Michael and Charlotte. Our grandparents could, theoretically, meet somewhere in Europe back then but happily or unfortunately they did not.

"Published on Social Media by Inbal Yomtovian · September 14 at 8:49 PM

Golden Delicious [ISR / CH], Wilde & Vogel [Leipzig]

Performing: Ari Teperberg, Michael Vogel, Inbal Yomtovian

Live Music: Charlotte Wilde

Dramaturgy: Jonas Klinkenberg

Director: Hendrik Mannes and Antonia Christl


Funded by the City of Leipzig, the Fonds Darstellende Künste and the Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Sachsen

31/10-04/11/2018 Premiere, Westflügel theatre, Leipzig Germany

15/11/2018 Schaubude Theatre, Berlin Germany

10-12/01/2019 Fitz theatre Stuttgart Germany

28-30/03/2019 Westflügel theatre, Leipzig Germany

04-05/04/2019 Westflügel theatre, Leipzig Germany

06-07/06/2019.Fitz theatre Stuttgart Germany

06-08/09/2019. at.tention festival Latz Germany

19/11/2019 Beit 9 theatre Haifa, Israel

23/11/2019 Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

09-11/12/2019 Stadelhofen théâtre, Zurich Suisse

6-7/02/2020 Zurich Stadelhofen theatre Suisse

20-22/02/2020 Westflügel theatre ,Leipzig, Germany

17/09/2021 Bialystok, Poland

08/10/2021 Kwidyn, Poland

11/06/2022 Westflügel theatre, Leipzig Germany

23-25/09/2022 Prignitz, Germany

01-03/12/2022 Westflügel theatre ,Leipzig, Germany



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