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The tragic tale of the little mermaid is telling the story of a hybrid creature,
half woman half fish who lives in an aquatic kingdom and falls in love with a
human prince.

Desperate for love, the mermaid transforms herself into human shape despite the heavy price she has to pay.

Inspired by Dvorak's opera ‘Rusalka’, Hans Christian Andersen tale and other marine myths, the show Aquarium 2.0 is a multi-discipline piece, built for a series of vitrines, located in a public space.  


Premiere shows: 10-15/07/2018 Place Du Tunnel Lausanne

Festival de la Cité

A piece by Inbal Yomtovian and Cédric Simon

Performing: Kornelia Bruggmann, Vincent Kohler, Alexis Gfeller, Laure Zaugg, Ayelet Golan

Technical direction: Cédric Simon

Musical direction: Cédric Simon and Alexis Gfeller

Live animation: Dina Goldstein and Ayelet Golan

Accessories: Séverine Blanc

Administration: Thierry Tordjman


With the kind support of: Festival de la Cité, Service des Parcs et Demain La Ville de Lausanne, Canton Vaud, T&T Productions, Israel Embassy in Bern, Saint Martin Lausanne.






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