The Blue Table

A scientific lecture given by a keen zoologist, unravels surprising facts about the ancient relation between the Blue Whale and the Hippopotamus; the exciting mating habits of garden snails; and answers the mysterious question: Where do birds disappear to when the lake freezes?

Through synthetic means and with a comic and magical perspective, we will be granted a rare glimpse into intimate moments of animal lives, in their natural habitat. From plastic-bag swans, through kitchen-rug snails and to teaspoon herring fish.


Performing: Inbal Yomtovian, Ari Teperberg | Soundtrack editing: Gilad Vaknin |
Light design: Ana Wild, Asi Gotesman | Toutering: Roni | Mosenson Nelken, Amit Drori | The piece was created in The School of Visual Theatre


2011 - Jerusalem, Israel - The international puppet festival of the ‘Train Theatre’

2011 - Lausanne, Switzarland - Vidy Theatre

2011 - Berlin, Germany - ‘Versuchung’ festival

2012 - Hua Hin , Thailand - Fringe festival

2012 - Bangkok, Thailand - Chulalongkorn university -

2012 - Recife, Brazil - 'FITO' Festival

2012 - Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 'FITO' Festival

2012 - JULA Festival, Munich, Germany

2012 - the In-House Festival, Jerusalem Season of Culture, Jerusalem, Israel

2012 -Mistelbach, Austria - Puppentheatertage

2013 - FIT Festival, Lugano, Switzerland

2013 - 2013 - International Puppet Theatre and Film Festival, Holon, Israel

2014 - PanOpticum festival in Neusiedl am See, Austria.

2014 - Artischocken Theatre, Nuremberg, Germany

2015 - Internationales Figurentheater-Festival, Erlangen Nürnberg Fürth

2015-festival international de marionnettes charleville mézières

2016 Fadenschein theatre,  Braunschweig, Germany

2016 Westflüge theatre, Leipzig, Germany

2016 Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich, Germany

2017 Bait 9 theatre, Haifa, Israel

2017 Les Folies festival, Maubeuge, France

2017 Festival La cité, Lausanne, Switzerland

2018 PIF festival Zagreb, Croatia

2019 XS festival, Brussels, Belgium




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